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As well as her valued work as part of the team of trainers for leading communication experts Dramatic Resources (www.dramaticresources.co.uk) Lara also runs personal coaching and private workshops in Stand Up Comedy, Storytelling, Improvisation skills, Personal Impact, Effective Leadership, Growing Confidence and Self Esteem, Presentation Techniques, Happiness and Humourology.


Whether you would like focussed one-to-one attention, if you would like some coaching for your team at work or if you fancy a fun event with family and friends, each session with Lara is uniquely tailored to suit your needs.

“Lara is charming, clever, witty and funny. She makes the business of comedy accessible, as well as explaining clearly the benefits of humour in the working world. She is also a great coach - and best of all - I got funnier in my work after this session!”

Geoff Church - Director, Dramatic Resources.


“It is such a pleasure to work with Lara. During exercises she is able to be light and playful whilst driving a clear narrative. Lara has a strong instinct for the overall needs of the group and is able to respond and adapt without hesitation to deliver the highest standard of learning”

Simon Chadwick - Actor, Facilitator.


“Beautiful, uplifting, informed and informative. Lara has a great presence and ensures that everyone feels comfortable enough to participate easily.”

Caroline Hall - Producer, Participant.


"Lara's workshop was great fun as well as being inspirational and educational.  Many of the tips she gave us - for example about body language, or engaging the audience and other choir members - still inform our behaviour as a choir, with great results.”

Juliet Munroe - Angels Of Kaos.

“Great fun and very entertaining. I was impressed with lots of what Lara did, but most of all was her ability to include every one and make them feel confident and empowered.”

Diane Robinson - Participant.

“A fabulous demeanour, champions the conversational quality of comedy. A delightful hour”
Three Weeks

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