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Are you back to work….but not back to work? Are you or members of your team still working from home? Trying to figure out what your ‘new normal’ looks like?


If you are struggling to navigate this period of transition; need help improving your virtual presence or would simply like some advice on how to redefine the way you connect with others online then please contact me at


I am currently delivering bespoke 1:2:1 and group sessions in Virtual Communications, Storytelling, Personal Impact and Confidence, Effective Leadership, Online Presentation Techniques and Networking. 


So many companies are currently having to conduct business and team meetings, deliver pitches and presentations, host panel discussions and continue to establish connections and relationships with colleagues, clients and customers online.


Let’s address the issues this presents and discover ways in which we can improve our online presence and interactions and maintain the ability to communicate with clarity, gravitas, power and confidence over a digital platform.


Offering practical advice through the method of Experiential Learning and using improvisation exercises and theatrical techniques these congenial, accessible 90 minute workshops are already proving to be hugely beneficial, inspirational, motivational and a creative and stimulating vehicle to experiment with skills on screen that are immediately applicable and fully transferable to when we all get back to real life.

"The amazing thing about the online workshop is that it felt like I was in the room with Lara.  She somehow managed to bring the same energy and presence to the session as she does in real life"

Workshop Participant

“Beautiful, uplifting, informed and informative. Lara has a great presence and ensures that everyone feels comfortable enough to participate easily.”

Caroline Hall - Producer, Participant.

“Great fun and very entertaining. I was impressed with lots of what Lara did, and most of all was her ability to include every one and make them feel confident and empowered.”

Diane Robinson - Participant.

“It is such a pleasure to work with Lara. During exercises she is able to be light and playful whilst driving a clear narrative. Lara has a strong instinct for the overall needs of the group and is able to respond and adapt without hesitation to deliver the highest standard of learning”

Simon Chadwick - Actor, Facilitator.

“Lara is charming, clever, witty and funny. She makes the business of comedy accessible, as well as explaining clearly the benefits of humour in the working world. She is also a great coach - and best of all - I got funnier in my work after this session!”

Geoff Church - Director, Dramatic Resources.

"Lara's workshop was great fun as well as being inspirational and educational.  Many of the tips she gave us still inform our behaviour as a choir, with great results.”

Juliet Munroe - Angels Of Kaos.

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