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viva a spanner

So, I’ve started my blog and now I’m off to Spain for a week. It’s an exciting time. Chinese New Year, then the festival of Imbolc; also celebrated this weekend to welcome in the spring. Seems a bit early to be welcoming spring - although as I celebrated (sang a song and ate some cake) up on the heath I did notice a literal ‘host’ of golden daffodils and some very pretty little purple crocusses. Should that be croci? Probably, spellcheck hasn’t underlined it.

So, Imbolc. Spring. Originally a pagan festival associated with the goddess Brighid, it’s more about the lambing season really. Imbolc means “in the belly” and refers to ewes having lamb in their belly’s. It actually ties in with the commencement of lactation but I prefer to see it as corresponding to a phase in the moon. To receive her blessings, at this time people would make a bed for Brighid and leave her food and drink. Which is kind of what I’m hoping will happen for me when I get to Spain.

I’ll be having an Imbolc of my own except rather than my belly being full of a baby lamb it will be full of Paella. Slightly concerned that I shall actually be staying with my parents; (Me, my mum and dad in a 5 berth motorhome in Benidorm - sitcom suggestions anyone?) and I’ve forgotten to do a couple of important things before the holiday like 1) water mum’s plants (she will ask) 2) buy myself a pair of shorts that don’t feature a commando pattern, and a pair of sandals that aren’t Doctor Marten’s (she will comment) and 3) lose three stone (she will notice).

I’ve enlisted my good friend Tessa to give me some helpful hints for not piling on the weight whilst away (to compensate for not shifting it before I leave...) and she has said....

1) It's not all about the food. Weight control, being in balance, whatever you call it, is about all the other things you do with your body that aren't to do with digestion as well.

2) If you have to think about food (which you will), think about the opportunities not the losses. Spain produces mega-tonnes of fresh fruit and veg, so it's cheap and visible all the time, and fresh to boot. Go for it.

3) It'll be warmer so you won't need to eat carbs to feel fuelled (for energy or warmth) as we're doing here in this dismal wet chilly British winter. Plus you can get out more which equals activity which equals energy usage. Actually, sounds right up my street: can I come too?

Course you can Tessa. As long as you don’t speak or sit next to me in a restaurant. Right, time to manage my flight booking. £8.99 for a wider seat on easyjet? It has to be worth it. Just for the way out you understand...not for the return flight.

Q: How do you get a bikini body in one quick and easy step? A: Put a bikini on it

Adios xxx