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  • words and music by lara A king

spring started last tuesday (when i met u)

never tried to write a love song - no no

babe i never needed to

thought the world had enough love songs

then i met you

and now

the grass is greener - yeah yeah

there’s a bridge over every stream and

birdsong’s sweeter

i’ve met you

and the sky is more blue

or it’s red and gold behind you

and the magpies all fly in twos

i’ve met you

dawn is lighter the day is brighter

sea is deeper the ocean’s wider

on sunny days the sun is warmer

and love lies round each corner - yeah

and there’s a new blue in my eyes

more stars shine in the night sky

and i’m closer to paradise

i’ve met you

i’m still loving you with each new day

tomorrow more than today

spring seemed to start last tuesday

when i met you

the breeze leads the grass in tango

and hills all wear sunshine halos

there’s more colours in the rainbow

i’ve met you

talk of loving you know i’ll listen

gonna show me what i’ve been missing

sugardoodle me - with your kissing

never tried to write a love song - no no

babe i never needed to

now i wanna fill the air with love songs

cos i’ve met you

i’ve met you

© lara A king. 1995


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