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sing when you’re springing

Spring started last Thursday. That’s not a song title. It’s true. The song title is “spring started last tuesday” and as it was trendy in the 90’s - when the song was composed - to have a bracketed suffix, there was a bracketed suffix of (when I met u). It was also trendy to use the letter “u” in place of the word “you” and this was before texting was even invented. Imagine. spring started last tuesday (when I met u) all lowercase, was the opening track on my album “fruition” (also lowercase).

It was written in the early throes of falling in love - less than a week into a budding romance - and speaks of how, in this heady period of an affair of the heart, the sky seems more blue; the grass seems more green; the birds seem to sing a happier get the gist. How, when first in love our senses are heightened and we revel in the very joy of the simplest pleasures in life.

It was also, as the title would suggest, written in the spring. A time for new beginnings; where all life is springing forth; buds are appearing and the harsh, barren landscape of winter is suddenly bursting with vivid colour.

It was written by someone who was getting laid.

Once the premise for the song had been set, I was looking for a tag line. It didn’t have a chorus as such but I wanted there to be a memorable line that repeated throughout the song and I just couldn’t think of anything. I was visiting my parents for the weekend (obviously an arrangement that had been made previous to the onset of aforementioned amorous entanglement) and I was sitting having some lunch with my dad who was reading the paper. Distracted as I was, I munched on my ham and coleslaw sandwich and daydreamed about my new beau. The rhyming couplets of all things good and beautiful in the world swirling around in my overexcited, love addled, intensified songwriter’s imagination.

“dawn is lighter the day is brighter

sea is deeper the ocean’s wider

on sunny days the sun is warmer

la la la la la la corner - yeah...”

I was getting somewhere. But what was the tag? What’s the hook? What’s the memorable line?

Dad looked up from the paper. “Spring started last Tuesday”, he said.

Boom. That’s when we had met.

Did I dream that “spring started last tuesday (when I met u)” would become a huge hit. Yes. Yes, I did. Did I fantasise that “spring started last tuesday (when I met u)” would be played on radio stations throughout the country, nay, the world every spring from here until the end of all seasons? Yes. Yes, I did. Am I surprised now, twenty years later that it didn’t happen? No. No I’m not.

But I am rather pleased that I got to express the manifestation of my emotions towards someone who was exceptionally special to me. And that my dear old dad made his contribution to my songwriting. (He likes to make a contribution to pretty much everything). And that I, if no one else, enjoy humming it away to myself on the first day of spring every year. Even if it is just me. Of course, if you’d like to join me in ‘the song of spring future’ then do feel free to purchase the track here:, or by contacting us and we embrace your musical participation on the first day of spring every year until the end of all seasons. Hey, we might even get on the radio...