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Chill out, it’s the weekend

Ok, so, when I said this isn’t going to be a blog about being on a diet, I meant it. But I sort of lied too. I have embarked upon a regime shall we say. A seven step plan which I hope will fill me full of energy, put a spring in my step and may, just as a positive side effect, encourage me to shed a few pounds. A few stone even.

To cut to the chase, the first step of seven is to ‘chill out’. To lower my body temperature. By wearing less clothes (in the safety of my own home) by turning the heating down (good for the pocket too) and by partaking in cold showers and outdoor swimming (now hang on a minute...) All these things are good and the theory is that if you’re cool you keep more active than if you’re already warm. If your body is alert and your brain is alert then you will be more energetic and energy creates more energy. It could also increase metabolism which is no bad thing.

Admittedly, it sounded a bit crazy when I attempted to explain this theory to a friend last night who was urging me for the umpteenth time to join her at a Slimmers World meeting;

HER: “So, you just make yourself a bit chilly and lose weight?”

ME: “No, it’s not about losing weight, it’s about having more energy to do more. I may lose weight as well.”

HER: “Right, by keeping yourself cold?”

ME: “Yes, amongst other things. This is the first step of seven. It’s about feeling ‘well’ more than anything. And when you are cold you, you know, you try to keep active to keep yourself warm”.

HER: “Why don’t you just put the heating on?”

ME: “Ah, you see! You’re in the trap. Putting the heating on will make you into a slob.”

HER: “Well, no. Putting the heating on will make you comfortable in your own home.”

ME: “Maybe we put too much importance on being comfortable, instead of being ‘well’?”

HER: “Oh bloody hell - just come to Slimmers World for crying out loud.”

Crazy or not, I’m giving it a go. I’ve turned the heating off and am not even using the oil heater that my parents bought for me when I had that bedsit and they were concerned about the likelihood that the 1960’s fireplace might lead to a carbon monoxide poisoning related “went to sleep and never woke up” headline in the Camden Journal...No. No heating, and me sat here in just shorts, a t-shirt and crocs. (Hey, I’m self employed...)

So far it’s going quite well. As I watch the goosebumps multiply on my lower arms I feel quite refreshed and earlier I was moved to do a bout of unprecedented hoovering! Imagine! And I hadn’t even spilt anything!

Yesterday I went for a walk without wearing a jacket. Admittedly, I didn’t intend to go for such a long walk but I got waylaid. I was also not wearing a bra, so I may make the Camden Journal yet. But I’m in it - on it. Doing it. However cold I am, and to be fair, it’s February. Maybe the warmest February on record but I am still pretty bloody cold. But, I will be burning more calories due to being cold... I will be burning more energy even though I’m just sitting at my computer... I will be burning the dining room table soon if it doesn’t warm up in here...